“…visionary transformer…”

Jeff – You nurtured, protected and encouraged each of our small sparks. Gradually, with great skill, uncanny insight and a deep well of compassion, you merged these lonely flames into a leaping conflagration of hope and love. There a zillion fish in the sea, but only “mad scientist,” “seer,” visionary transformer, Prince of the Peach, Raj of the Raspberry, thank you for your astounding work. I’m so glad to have been a witness and a support to the magic you created.

Kate Jellema 
Director of the MSM in Mission Driven Organizations and Nonprofit Management Certificate Programs at Marlboro College Graduate and Professional School

“…amazingly successful in reaching wildly different kinds of people and customizing programs to our particular needs.

Jeff’s work with us has been immensely successful on a number of fronts. Staff morale got a noticeable boost, cohesion increased, and people found new specific ways to improve or arrange their work in order to reduce stress and burnout. New and more creative ideas about programs, community interactions, and cross-collaborations came as a direct result of staff interactions with Jeff. The plans that emerged have been concrete, and do-able.  We have a greatly expanded sense of what is possible. What has been particularly striking about the way Jeff works is that he has been able to “customize” his programs and his delivery of them to our particular needs, and the variations in the particular individuals in the groups we had him work with. Jeff brings an array of tools, a widely applicable set of strategies, attention to feasibility, outcomes, and follow-through and an energy that is amazingly successful in reaching wildly different kinds of people.

Monica Hargraves
Cornell Cooperative Extension

“…to have the gift to instill that positivity, energy, passion & guts into others, is truly fabulous.”

Dear Jeff,

I want to say that you really are an inspiring soul. You are one of less than a handful of people I have met in all of the interactions and personal audiences I have had with a variety of stellar folks, that I have sincerely been inspired and energized by.  It is so easy to be jaded, intimidated and therefore negative about all that is challenging about progressive and justice work. To be positive and more importantly to have the gift to instill that positivity, energy, passion & guts into others, is truly fabulous. Thank you for what you do.  And how you do it. Thank you for the incredible change you create, through getting others to get excited about what they do. As a community organizer, activist and socially conscious person, it is refreshing to have someone like you sharing this world.

Lluvia Mulvaney-Stanak, Community Organizer 
Outright Vermont

“….given me a set of tools that I see myself using for the rest of my life…”

Working with Jeff has changed my life in so many ways, but I think that there is one that really stands out to me in this moment. He has given me a set of tools that I see myself using for the rest of my life as guides, and references in both work and personal growth. These four frames, and all of the subtleties that come with them have really helped me to manage and keep my life going in a direction and manner that I not only enjoy, but one that helps me thrive, and supports my efforts to be my fully ALIGNED self.

Donovan Arthen
Non-violent leadership organizer and Executive Director of Peace Jam New England

“…your knack for pushing for clarity was instrumental…”

Jeff, we are now launching the most exciting and strategic programmatic efforts for the Foundation that got hatched and nurtured through the grants restructuring effort you led us through.

Our organizational effectiveness is vastly improved thanks to your help in developing strategy that helps meet our dual mission of impactful grantmaking and increasing philanthropy in the state.
Even more than that I appreciate all that you have done for me personally with my professional life and personal aspirations.
Again, your knack for pushing for clarity was instrumental in helping me step further into my own leadership and define my vision of success for myself. I’m more energized and thriving at work now thanks to my work with you and it shows.
You are a wonderful person with such a generous spirit.

Jen Peterson
Vermont Community Foundation, V.P. Community Grantmaking

“The level of engagement in the room this year was truly extraordinary.”

“Wow! This year’s Vermont Leadership Institute day was the best ever. After the amazing work you have done with these groups for us over the past twelve years, that is saying a lot! The level of engagement in the room this year was truly extraordinary.

You are amazing in the way you can engage such a diverse group of people and help each one find something of real value to them.
Several of the associates mentioned how much they appreciated the time you took to learn about them and to connect with them very personally.
The way you use your energy, your personal style and stories, the examples that illustrate the “hot tips”, all create a genuine atmosphere of fun and possibility, allowing people to really be introspective without feeling “touchy-feely.”

Judy Warriner Walke
Director, Vermont Leadership Institute

“…we’re much more productive and enthusiastic about our jobs.”

There is a long list of creative ways in which Jeff has helped the City of Prince George overcome challenges and effect positive cultural change.

After taking taking Jeff’s workshop, we restructured our division and the portfolios of the existing staff so that each person was able to focus on the type of work that most fired them up.
The fact that each of the HR team members is now focusing on work that they are excited about and interested in is hugely beneficial to the organization in other ways, because we’re much more productive and enthusiastic about our jobs. As well, the workshop created even stronger bonds between our team members and we have now sent our whole team through Jeff’s workshop.

Rae-Ann Emery
Director of Human Resources, City of Prince George, British Columbia

 “I’m spending more time doing what I love.”

“I not only feel better about every aspect of life, but my numerical measurements show that I am spending more time doing what I love … I finish this period of work with Jeff with stronger confidence in my ability to create the life I truly want.”

Ari Pliskin
Zen Peacemaker Order Minister, Leader in the Community Café movement, and personal coach to activists

“…you changed my life…”

“Jeff, you changed my life in deep and profound ways. I now look at all my work as an opportunity to find creativity and joy.”

Rob Meehan
Director of Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf, the largest direct service emergency food provider in Vermont