S.O.W. What?! Shifting Your Perspective

Haybale bender - Astrid (1)A number of really strong SOWs are flowing in to the Sparks Center each week. Ahead of launching the “S.O.W. What?” podcast, we want to post a bunch and hear what you think about listening to each other’s Stories Of The Week. Here is one from Astrid Jirka about playfulness and shifting your perspective.



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Shimmering Possibilities: How To Choose Your S.O.W. Title

Photo credit: Astrid Jirka

Photo credit: Astrid Jirka

Here are the (lucky) 13 possible titles that came to my awareness during the course of my life in the past seven days. I am mulling over them at this hour to select one for this week’s Story Of the Week.

Hint: I do NOT choose the “catchiest phrase” for my S.O.W. I choose the title that I think can best connect two or more of the significant developments from my week that I want to remember. Once I have put together the Significant Developments with a fitting title, I get clear on my Big Juicy Question relating to that and I note two or three moments of GLEE and one moment of Story Material. Then I press record.

Love Tea

I Want to Eat Your Skin Like A Raw Almond

Pizza Is The Gateway Drug

Dangerous Driving This Weekend

The Noodle Queen

Bed in a Box

I’m On Fire In at Least One Arena

I Long to Pamper You and Your People

Bums Live From Slice To Slice

Chilled Mug

You Should Consider Steel Socks

There is No Such Thing As Too Much Honey

Fresh Breath Through Pickle


Speaking of “thirteen” on Friday the 13th …

Little known fact: my mom sang in a twelve woman a cappella ensemble known as the “Triskaidekaphobians.” 

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