Memory and Possibility



Sparky artist Andy Goldsworthy’s magnificent work called, “Garden of Stones” strikes me as a profound and moving image symbolizing the tenacity of life. It feels right to me to put this up this particular week. I hope that Goldsworthy’s work serves as an inspiration to you. It is hard to make out in my photo but three of the granite boulders have been hollowed out in the middle and contain a dwarf chestnut oak (Quercus prinoides), while the fourth rock has nothing growing out of it. This installation is located in Cornell’s spectacular Botanical Gardens where I bike regularly when I need to re-gain some perspective, as I did this week. The Garden of Stones is on loan indefinitely from the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City

I had some wonderful correspondence this week with a number of people I coach regarding memory, story, meaningful objects, struggle and regeneration.

For those of you in the U.S., have a great holiday weekend and I encourage you to give some thought as to what Memorial Day could mean to you.

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