Leadership Training


We energize changemakers around the world by equipping them with the tools, skills and practices to succeed in their work and thrive in their lives.

Our flagship Energizing Change leadership training program is a multi-day session tailored to the needs of each client, with extensive coaching and peer support in between the sessions.

The depth and duration of the program is determined by the client. We customize the program with the precise modules that the client wants most, in order to keep the cost down and the amount of time manageable for the participants.

Tested and Refined

The full program is made of five discrete, day-long modules. Each of these can also stand alone. We have tested and refined this model over many years. Our preference is to have about a month between sessions in order to give participants the chance for their thoughts to percolate and the opportunity to put the tools and skills they learn into practice in a real world context between the sessions. We refer to this dynamic as “Living Leadership.” This also gives us the chance to provide the participants with meaningful coaching support all along the way and the chance for them to build strong connections with peers in their cohort through an online forum.

Why Do the Full Five-Session Program?

To be very direct about it, those who participate in one or two of our day-long sessions almost all say that they learn useful tools and important skills that they feel they can put into action in their work. In their evaluations they describe the experience with words like “invigorating,” “powerful,” “inspiring,” “valuable” and “fun.” Almost all of those who participate in a five-session program describe it in terms like “a life changing experience” that transforms the way they work and helps them make important changes in their organizations as well as in the rest of their lives.

Serving Aspiring, Emerging, & Experienced Leaders

In addition to recognizing that people have different amounts of time available to cultivate their leadership skills, we also understand that people are at very different points along their leadership path. We work with aspiring leaders –college students in particular — as well as with emerging leaders and experienced leaders. The Energizing Change session is geared to emerging and experienced leaders and we find that having a mix of those in a cohort works well. We run a distinct version of the Energizing Change program for college students only, that we call “Helping the Rising Generation of Leaders Take Flight.

For both the Energizing Change program and the Rising Generation program we prefer to work with cohorts of ten to sixteen people. If you are part of a leadership training program or an engagement initiative at a university, for example, that might mean the core faculty and staff who are helping you launch and/or run the program.

Building on Success

If you work for a foundation that might mean you hire us to work with 10-16 of the people in whom you have already invested the most. You know that some of the leaders of the organizations you support are truly shining stars you do not want to lose. That is, you have a vested interest in them staying, thriving and working as effectively as possible, while they also help their team(s) become stronger. We believe in what we call a “building on success” approach and know from experience that it makes more sense for you to send us your strongest partners, not the ones struggling the most.

Investing in Effective Leadership

All of us who have been involved with foundations know that you can provide significant financial support to a not for profit, yet if the top management of the organization is not energized and not working effectively, you may well not be having the impact you might have hoped for and your money might not be getting well spent. The cost of that can be great. Before that happens, for a relatively modest amount of money, we can work with a dozen or so of your grantees at a time and help them go from “promising” or “very strong” to “outstanding” and be able to create a solid foundation for themselves and for the organizations you believe in most to thrive.