Share Your Story Of The Week

Have you recorded a Story of the Week that you want to share?We’d love you to submit it below. We’ll select a limited number of stories and add them to our “S.O.W. What Collection.”

If you can’t upload your audio to a site like google drive or soundcloud, just send it to us at

Remember: crafting a S.O.W. is like playing a party game. Have fun and don’t over-think it!

Step 1: Look at the list of PSTs (Possible Story Titles) you recorded during the week.*

Step 2: If you drink, have a beer, a glass of wine or a martini. If you don’t drink, just take a few cleansing breaths.

Step 3: Select one of the most unique titles when you can find one that creates a way that you can use that phrase to thematically connect two or more otherwise seemingly unrelated Significant Developments in your past week.

Step 4: Grab our attention with a juicy opening sentence.

Step 5: State explicitly in your second sentence: “My Big Juicy Question THIS week is: ___” and then raise the broadest possible question that could grow out of the connection you are aiming to make in your S.O.W.

Step 6: Repeat Step 2 and then — WITHOUT writing down and reading any more than your juicy opening sentence and your BJQ, make sure that you share at least a few reflections about your BJQ, try to be funny occasionally if you have a sense of humor and stop talking after 8 minutes or less!

There you have it. S.O.W. Forth and Spark On!

*Any time you hear or see a unique phrase that you think another human might never have spoken before with that specific, unique combination of words, please record that as “PST” (Possible Story Title) and consider them AS IF they were Signs And Wonders to help you discern and craft your story of what this week of your life was really “ABOUT” for you!

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