One of the MOST Important Decisions To Avoid Making

1 - Almost a 1

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WARNING: When your Spark Number is REALLY low, deciding to talk to yourself about your own life – let alone to make sweeping negative statements such as “man, my life SUCKS so much right now!” is one of the most important decisions to avoid. Wait for the Eight. By that point you would never decide to say such a thing. Spark On!

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Creating A Culture Of Connection — The Sparking Approach To Moving Forward From Here


Photo credit: Astrid Jirka

THIS is a big, juicy post!

Within twenty four hours of the election I had heard from hundreds of people asking me to share my thoughts about how best to move forward. I drafted a long audio response and sent it to some of my closest friends and favorite Sparkers, including Democrats, independents, Republicans, Greens and Libertarians. I was amazed that I heard back in one day from all but four of the people I sent this to. Quite a few people asked me to please put this up on the blog. My apprehension to do has been due primarily to the length of the posts. I have also been concerned that people new to the site might not have as much context for these comments as I would want them to have. Having heard more people today, however, still announcing that they are “too upset to engage,” I decided I should put this up.

I heard from one Sparker that she listened to the two parts of this post while pulling tomatoes from her garden. :) Maybe you can listen while you are driving, prepping dinner etc. I would be very interested to hear your substantive responses AND your sense of how it was for you to listen to a post this long!

I am also going to post a response that just came in from Super Sparker Adam Kane, a leader I have had the honor of coaching who serves as the Executor Director of the Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium, one of the treasures in the wonderful community of St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

Spark On!


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