Build Your Story Sandwich


Art Credit: Alice Muhlback



Sparker Jed Jordan asked if I would post the most up to date S.O.W. instructions for those who might want to create stories today. I am attaching that here. Let me note that when I explained the process to someone today I said “it is really important that you build your story with a sense of Ease and Flow, so even though I am giving you these instructions, don’t overthink it.” This practice invites you to prepare a bit and then wing it. Don’t try to get this exactly right! Try to make it organic and real — as if you are trying to share a story with a friend you had not spoken with for a week, to convey the essence of what this particular week was about for you, in an engaging and thoughtful way. Once you understand what I am suggesting in the big picture, just look back at your week on Friday afternoon or Saturday (do NOT wait until the following week or it has become a “to do”), figure out what was noteworthy to you about this week in your life or what one Significant Development was in your week, try to articulate one Big Juicy Question (BJQ) from that which might be of interest to other Sparkers, then press “record” and just start talking for 5-7 minutes, saying a few things about the BJQ, while weaving in a bit of GLEE and Story Material. That’s it! Spark On!


SOW Sandwich Final (1)


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