Going Through Spark Valley

Art credit: Alice Muhlback spiritandkitsch.com

  Dear M. Thanks so much for your honest sharing about going through “Spark Valley” and for posting such generative questions. You wrote: “I’m so discouraged because I KNOW how capable I am of being a kick ass steward of my spark. How do *YOU* cope with these valleys? How do you “reset” your boundaries… Read more »

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Memory and Possibility


  Sparky artist Andy Goldsworthy’s magnificent work called, “Garden of Stones” strikes me as a profound and moving image symbolizing the tenacity of life. It feels right to me to put this up this particular week. I hope that Goldsworthy’s work serves as an inspiration to you. It is hard to make out in my… Read more »

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This We Believe …


I have been busy of late working away on my BOOK writing! “It’s about time you got back to that,” I can hear a few of you saying. In going through some notes today I came upon something I wrote a few years ago that I would love your feedback on. I called it “The… Read more »

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One of the MOST Important Decisions To Avoid Making

1 - Almost a 1

WARNING: When your Spark Number is REALLY low, deciding to talk to yourself about your own life – let alone to make sweeping negative statements such as “man, my life SUCKS so much right now!” is one of the most important decisions to avoid. Wait for the Eight. By that point you would never decide… Read more »

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What is “Enough?”


    Here is a great email that just came in from Sparker Amy Mason. Right now Amy is completing the “M.O.S.T.” training program (Master Of Sparking Technique). She has gone further than almost anyone in learning the details of the Twelve Integrated Practices of Sparking. This is her response (shared with permission) to the… Read more »

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Your Sweet Spot For Sparking Change

Saturated 3.1

I know that many of you are having a hard time these days figuring out how best to focus your energy to make a positive difference, given the many things that are crying out for attention. If you try to engage with every issue that concerns you, your efforts will be neither effective nor sustainable…. Read more »

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